Refresh Your Life

Welcome to 365Outside!

This site is the story of how my family came to embrace outside play, 365 days a year, and became happier and healthier along the way.

To learn more about us and our lifestyle, please browse the menus above.

If you’re as inspired as we are to make a positive change for your family, take the 365Outside Challenge, and refresh your life!


To the person thinking: “That’s great, but I could never do that.”


  1. Holly Fox Sundquist

    Oh, “Mama”, we are so looking forward to enjoying this blog!

  2. Joyce Puntonio

    Kate you have such a way words, I’m looking forward to reading your tales. Joyce

  3. Molly Koebel Delaunay

    Back to Nature, what a great idea. Kudos to the whole family!

  4. Hi Kate, What a creative and healthy idea! Bravo to you for dreaming this up — hope to see you and your family when we are up in the Boston area. Best, Nancy

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