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Top 5 Activities for a Beautiful Fall Weekend

Looking to get outside and enjoy the crisp, beautiful weekend ahead?  Not sure where to begin?  We’ve got you covered.  Here are our favorite fall activities outside, with or without kids!

Junior learned to ride his two-wheeler this fall!

Junior learned to ride his two-wheeler this fall!

1. Go for a bike ride!

With the trees just starting to change and the air getting a little cooler, it’s the perfect time of year to take in some sights and get your heart pumping.  Choose a fun destination like a restaurant with a view or a farm with hot cider, and make a day of it!  Or, if you’re local to us – check out the Gloucester Grand Prix this weekend!  Cyclocross, beautiful water views, and a beer garden.  Doesn’t get much better.


2.   Sit around a fire pit after it gets dark.

It’s easy to forget about outdoor time after the sun goes down, especially once the weather starts to cool.  But the shoulder seasons are a perfect time to put that outdoor fireplace or fire pit to use.  We especially like to make an evening of it with the grill going in the backyard, a pot of hot cider, and s’mores around the fire.  If you don’t have a fire pit, check out local events or farms – some might be hosting bonfires!  We even have a local farm that rents out private fire pits for family use on fall evenings.

Our 2014 pumpkin picking trip.

Our 2014 pumpkin picking trip.

3.  Visit the orchard!

Fall means apples and pumpkins, and what better way to celebrate them than to go straight to the source.  I love apple picking in theory, but with both kids along it’s generally easier to buy our apples in the farm store after visiting with the farm animals and checking out the tractors.  If the objective is to enjoy a fun day together, go with the flow and enjoy whatever works best for your family!  I’m partial to the cider donuts here, but we are lucky enough to live close to many other options.

An offseason beach walk for The Captain with Little Bear in tow.

An offseason beach walk for The Captain with Little Bear in tow.

4.  Off season beach trips.

For the majority of people, the end of the summer heat means the end of beach season.  For us, the beach is gorgeous year round and just gets quieter as the weather cools.  This time of year, I pack wetsuits for the kids so they can splash in the water if they want.  The water feels so warm right now, but bring a good towel and at least one pair of warm, dry clothes to get cozy in afterwards!  If you’re not bringing kids, just enjoy the quiet (unless you happen to be next to my family, in which case, enjoy the show!)  We find that walking on the beach in the offseason yields way more beach treasures since the pickers are fewer, and the parking costs a lot less too!

Surf check, October 2014

Surf check, October 2014

5.  Stroll the farmer’s market and try to make a local meal!

Years before we were the 365Outside family, we wrote about our experiences eating 100% local food for a week (except for coffee – because, coffee!)  Since then, we have tried to make local eating a regular part of our diet by sourcing veggies, meat, eggs, and dairy through local farms.  Fall is a great time to explore your options since so many hearty vegetables are in season.  I like to fill a bag with whatever looks good and make a giant, delicious autumn stew.


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