under construction

There are some exciting things happening at 365Outside right now, and as we prepare to roll out these changes, we’re switching our web hosting so that we can launch some more robust features.

Truth be told I had no clue that my current setup wouldn’t allow much room to grow, but I trying to learn . . . with the help of a lot of tech support from Bulgaria. (Hi, siteground guys!)

What does this mean for you?  Hopefully not a lot!  The new site is up and running and you’re actually on it right now!

The only change that may affect you is your subscription setting.  Some subscriptions may not transfer completely.  If you’re a subscriber and would like to continue to be one, please go ahead and enter your email into the side bar on the right.

Oh, and if you happen to come across a link on the website that doesn’t work. Please let us know by commenting on the bottom of the page, or on our Facebook page.

Thanks everyone!