Although you know how I feel about the season of gratitude already, it does seem fitting that this week happens to be Thanksgiving. I’d like to give thanks to you, the readers of 365Outside, for sharing and sharing and sharing my last post about my personal experience with refugees at sea. It was shared on Facebook over 400 times and has been read by more than 2000 people to date. It was not an easy one to write but I have received such positive feedback and I’m honored to provoke such an important conversation. Even when people disagree with me, I’m happy to incite this thoughtful dialogue.

All the conversation and sharing has brought us some new 365Outsiders too, and I’m excited to welcome everyone.


As my thanks to you, tomorrow I’ll be sharing a printable December activity guide with 24 (mostly quick) outdoor activities to share with the little people in your lives. This can be used in its entirety as an Outdoor Activity Advent Calendar, or in parts as a Winter Solstice countdown, Hanukkah activities or anything else you might dream up. The activities are nonseasonal so you should be able to participate wherever you’re located and most activities can be done in less than 20 minutes! Plus, since I know the long hours lots of you are putting in away from home, I’m including seven easy and quick after-dark ideas!

2016 365OUTSIDE CHALLENGE . . . or 366Outside?

And even better, December will see us rolling out the official 365Outside Challenge for 2016! Actually, February 29th will make it a 366Outside year but I don’t own that domain so we’re going to have to stick with what we’ve got. We are still ironing out the details on this one, but we will be looking to you, the 365Outsiders, to pledge some quality time outside for 2016!

Check back here tomorrow to download your printable December activity guide, and thanks again for letting my voice be heard!

Run Free, Be Wild!

Run Free, Be Wild!