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Ride a Bike!

We have snow on the ground here, but the streets are mostly cleared and the boys are begging to get out on their bikes so we’re seizing the opportunity while we can.

If you have little ones too small to pedal, we recommend a balance bike to get them started. Our boys both started on balance bikes and we credit it for Junior learning to ride his two-wheeler when he was three, without ever using training wheels. At 2.5, Little Bear can cruise on his balance bike all the way down our hill without putting his feet down. We think he’ll be riding a two-wheeler before he turns 3.
Today we’re off for a family bike ride. We’ll bring the seat in case Little Bear needs a lift with us. Can’t wait to take advantage of this mild weather one more time before the frost settles in for a few days tomorrow.


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  1. Joyce Puntonio

    Harley, and a red bandana is next Kate!!

    • 365Outside Mama

      Ha – funny you should say so! When we hinted that big bro might get a pedal bike for Christmas, he sighed and said, “I think I would just like a bike with a motor, please.”

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