Remember last year when we thought we were being scammed into a timeshare or something when really the Captain had won us a no-strings-attached family adventure in Baja, Mexico? Being that we had never won anything, ever, we assumed we’d never be able to take advantage of such an amazing prize.

But lo and behold, two months later we were flying the kids to Mexico for a week of surfing, hiking, horseback riding, and swimming with sea lions. I am still in a little bit of disbelief that this actually happened. While the tan is long gone and the memories are starting to fade, at least we still have the pictures.






It was undoubtedly the most amazing family vacation we’ve ever been on with the kids. The Captain and I used to go on adventures abroad as a part of our work, but that phase in our lives ended when the littles came along. These days we mostly stick to off-grid camping or sailing vacations. But Baja reminded us how amazing it is to experience other cultures, with the added bonus of sharing them with our kids. Traveling as a family is an experience that I don’t think can be matched. And we certainly won’t be able to match the Baja experience anytime soon.

Feeling jealous yet? Don’t worry, now it’s your turn.

Enter to Win A Trip to Iceland

Outdoor Families Magazine, who ran the awesome contest that we won, is running another vacation giveaway right now, and it sounds beyond cool.

Between now and February 2, you can enter to win a three-night vacation for three in ICELAND. Sound awesome? It should!

Iceland has been on my bucket list for about five years. We have a handful of friends who have gone and report back that it’s every bit as magical as it’s cracked up to be.

Why travel to Iceland? Well, for starters I want to see the northern lights, do a glacier tour and, most definitely, bathe in a geothermal pool. I mean, seriously. Look at this thing:

The Captain also wants to go surfing there, but he already won a surf vacation once so I think his odds are pretty slim.

You can find all the details here. (Spoiler alert: 3-course dinner and a Puffin Watching Boat Tour.)

Read the rules and regulations here (to find out if the Captain is allowed to win twice in a row). Obviously you don’t have to buy anything, and if anyone can vouch that this is truly a no-strings-attached giveaway, it’s us.

May the odds be ever in your favor . . . and may you bring me back a keychain.