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Mama, sailing in Long Island Sound on a very rare kid-free adventure

Mama, sailing in Long Island Sound on a very rare kid-free adventure


Hi!  I’m Mama, and like all the other amazing Mamas I know, I’m the brains, action, and heart behind this whole crazy way of life.  Before I settled down with The Captain, we were both living and working full-time aboard sailboats in the Caribbean.  After we got married, I taught elementary school for a few years before I became the stay-at-home and get-outside super Mama that I am!  I love sailing, the beach, mountains, and my morning coffee.  Since I started the 365Outside Challenge on January 1, 2015, it has become a cornerstone of our family life.  I hope you’ll follow along and be motivated to go out and play today!


  1. Jan Good Jan Good

    I’ve been enjoying reading about your outdoor adventures and seeing the colorful
    pictures of the boys. Much of what you write takes me decades back to when I was
    enjoying the outdoors with my three sons, Brian (now 61), Larry (58) and John (53).
    Such a different world it is now, but the beauty and varied pleasures of nature still
    offer such riches to our lives that it’s important to respond in the spirit of respect and preservation.

    • 365Outside Mama

      Hi Jan – Thank you, we are definitely lucky to have so much around us to explore and appreciate! I look forward to someday sharing the beauty of the west coast with the boys as well.

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